Iran’s 2022 protests: New surge of crackdown on protesting students

In Tehran, suppressive forces surrounded the Fardis 2 Technical Faculty and severely beat the students.
In Tehran, suppressive forces surrounded the Fardis 2 Technical Faculty and severely beat the students.


On Saturday, October 29, the 44th day of the nationwide uprising, the mullahs’ regime launched a new wave of crackdown on students who resumed protests across the country. Agents of the IRGC and MOIS attacked universities in Tehran and other cities, arresting a large number of students.


The IRGC blocked Amirabad Street towards the university and stationed a large number of State Security Forces (SSF) at all university entrances, hoping to find active students on campus. Security personnel used shotguns and paintballs to open fire on the students protesting in the university dorm in support of the students on campus.



In Arak, suppressive forces fired shotgun pellets and tear gas at Amir Kabir’s dormitory at Azad University, which was met with student resistance. The special guard surrounded Azad University in Mashhad, and people and students’ families gathered outside the university to help the besieged students. Suppressive forces stormed Borujerdi University’s dormitory in the western Iranian city of Borujerd, arresting a number of students. Several students were arrested after unidentified agents entered Khorasgan Azad University in Isfahan province.

Students staged their protests in numerous universities across the country. Sanandaj University was surrounded by repressive forces who fired tear gas at the students. “This year is the year of sacrifice; Seyed Ali (Khamenei) will be overthrown,” the students chanted as they confronted Basij forces. The university had devolved into a battleground.  Suppressive forces attacked the students’ dormitory in Qazvin, severely beating and arresting several students.



Many areas of Tehran were the scene of protests and hit-and-run clashes with suppressive forces on Saturday night, including Tehran Pars, South Bahar, Saadat Abad, Ferdous Boulevard, Kashani St., and Sadeghieh’s first square. In Quds City, young people staged nighttime protests and broke surveillance cameras.

People gathered outside the justice department in Fereydoun Shahr to protest the arrest of their children. A gas station in Saveh, Markazi Province, was set on fire by youths. People protested and blocked roads in Jonaqan at night. In Borujerd, western Iran, suppressive forces opened fire on the people and started a fight in Jafari Square with the youth. People in Rasht, northern Iran, staged a street protest chanting “Death to Khamenei.” One of the demonstrators was shot.


Night protests were held in Sepah, Ahmadabad, Zainabieh, and Charbagh streets in Isfahan. People burned tires to block the road and used Molotov cocktails to force regime agents to flee. Youths set fire to two police motorcycles in Borujerd. Locals protested in Piranshahr, and youths attacked the home of one of the regime’s mercenaries.

Night protests in Bukan were accompanied by setting fires, blocking roads, and fighting with suppressive forces. People in Arak attacked and drove away oppressive forces. Marivan residents staged a nighttime protest and clashed with repressive forces. Protesters demolished Qasem Soleimani’s statue in Marivan. Security forces opened fire on protesters in the northern Iranian city of Lahijan. Youths set fire to a regime seminary in Neyshabur, northeast Iran.


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