Iran’s nationwide uprising continues as regime targets schools with chemical gas attacks

Iran’s nationwide uprising is now on its 217th day, with more schools across the country being targeted in chemical gas attacks by regime operatives.
Iran’s nationwide uprising is now on its 217th day, with more schools across the country being targeted in chemical gas attacks by regime operatives.


The mullahs’ dictatorship is desperately trying to keep a lid on the country’s extremely restive society, and one of the methods used to achieve this has been to target Iran’s innocent schoolgirls, who were one of the main engines behind the anti-regime uprising that sparked in September 2022.

On Wednesday, protesters and brave youths in the city of Karun, located in Khuzestan Province, southwest Iran, launched an attack targeting the regime’s main police station south of Ahvaz in the Kut Abdullah district.



The state police headquarters in Karun is responsible for controlling and quelling any signs of anti-regime protests seen among the people of the Kut Abdullah district in the city of Karun.

In other protest reports, nurses of Rajaie Hospital in Qazvin, northwest Iran, protested on Thursday over their delayed paychecks and pensions. Drivers of various service vehicles in the city of Bandar Abbas, southern Iran, also protested on Thursday and blocked the entrance gates of a local company after regime-associated officials refused to respond to their outstanding demands.



Employees of the regime’s judiciary in the provinces of Kurdistan, Kermanshah, and Gilan protested on Thursday over the country’s devastating economic circumstances. Protesters and brave youths in the city of Rudsar in Gilan Province, northern Iran, torched a large poster of regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei on Thursday.

Meanwhile, investors of the online trading platform “King Money” held a protest rally in the Iranian capital, demanding their stolen money be returned. Those behind “King Money” deceived people by encouraging them to buy and invest in fake cryptocurrency on their fake websites. Many in Iran are pointing their fingers at the IRGC in this regard.



Locals in the Iranian capital Tehran’s Shahrak-e Bagheri district began chanting anti-regime slogans on Thursday night. The all-girls Nasiri and Abuzar high schools in the city of Urmia, northwest Iran, were among the targets of chemical gas attacks by regime operatives on Wednesday.

Many students were poisoned and transferred to medical centers to receive urgent attention, according to the Hengaw Human Rights Organization. Reports indicate that other schools in different cities across the country were also targeted.



Iranian opposition President-elect Maryam Rajavi of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) condemned the misogynist regime’s chemical gas attacks targeting schools across the country and described these measures as the regime’s response to fears of another popular uprising.



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