Man sentenced to have eye gouged out in Iran – report

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The Iranian regime’s Supreme Court has sentenced a man to have his eye gouged out after blinding another man in a street fight. 

The 28-year-old, identified only as Saman, was convicted under Iran’s strict retribution laws after fighting in the street with his then 25-year-old victim when he was 23, according to a report in Britain’s Independent.

Saman claimed he had unintentionally blinded the man with a metal rod, the report said, adding that it is currently unknown when the sentence is due to be carried out.

The Independent wrote: “Iran, which is a theocracy ultimately controlled by a group of religious clerics, uses a strict interpretation of the sharia law of ‘an eye for eye’.”

“Last year, a man convicted of attacking another man with acid – blinding and disfiguring him for life in the city of Qoms – was sedated and had his left eye gouged out.”

“Since coming to power as a supposed moderate in 2013, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has presided over the execution of more than 1,800 people as well as public beatings, floggings and amputations.”

“In 2014, a Christian man was sentenced to having his lips burnt off with a cigarette for eating during daylight hours in the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.” 

“In June last year, authorities at the Central Prison in Mashhad, Khorasan Province, amputated four fingers from the right hands of two men sentenced for theft without anaesthetic, Amnesty International reports.” 

Despite reaching a deal to suspend its nuclear program with six key Western nations – including the US – last year, Iran’s regime has “shown no sign of giving more political or civil freedoms to its people”, the Independent added.