MEK’s political campaign in Sweden and Belgium represents a significant victory over the Iranian regime

Freedom-loving Iranians and supporters of the Iranian opposition PMOI/MEK celebrate a Stockholm court ruling against former Iranian regime official Hamid Noury – July 14, 2022
Freedom-loving Iranians and supporters of the Iranian opposition PMOI/MEK celebrate a Stockholm court ruling against former Iranian regime official Hamid Noury – on July 14, 2022


Former Iranian regime official Hamid Noury was found guilty of murder during the summer 1988 massacre of more than 30,000 political prisoners across the nation, and after 92 court sessions over the course of 33 months in Stockholm, he was given a life sentence. The People’s Mojahedin of Iran (PMOI/MEK) opposition group in Iran claimed the majority of the victims.

The court’s decision emphasizes that Ruhollah Khomeini, the former supreme leader of the Iranian regime, ordered the execution of MEK members and supporters who were steadfast in their political views and that this case relates to the execution of MEK members and supporters in the 1988 massacre as well as a number of Marxist prisoners.

The Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) of the Iranian regime and its agents abroad attempted to use the justice movement against the MEK, but this was foiled by a massive legal and political campaign led by the Iranian opposition MEK and their supporters around the world.


Tehran’s official news agency reported on Thursday that “the Swedish court ruling regarding Hamid Noury was issued under the influence of allegations raised by the MEK.”

“The MEK’s level of treachery against the [regime] does not surprise us. However, we are extremely disappointed that Sweden has bowed to the notorious propaganda goals of the MEK and has put its judiciary at their disposal,” said Nasser Kanani, a spokesman for the Iranian regime’s foreign ministry, on Thursday.

Of course, it is completely understandable that Tehran is furious about the Swedish verdict.

Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of the Iranian regime, and other high-ranking members of the mullahs’ apparatus expressed great concern three years ago about the developments made by the MEK-led justice movement regarding the decades-long human rights abuses of the regime.



Tehran aimed to undermine the significance of the 1988 massacre, diminish the MEK’s role in this period of Iranian history, and undermine the entire justice movement by exploiting Noury’s court procedures. They hoped to achieve this by preventing the MEK from taking part in the Noury trial, offering shoddy testimony arranged by Tehran and the MOIS, and ultimately persuading the Swedish court to acquit Hamid Noury and completely end the 1988 massacre. Tehran would then assert that the entire justice movement is nothing more than a hullabaloo based on unfounded accusations, which would serve as the final nail in the coffin.

The MEK’s participation in the Noury court proceedings, as well as the thousands of devoted followers they have around the world, but the hearing in the right direction. The testimony given by MEK witnesses and plaintiffs had such an impact that the judges mandated that the court be moved to Albania, where the majority of MEK members are stationed, for two weeks so that MEK witnesses and plaintiffs could testify there.



The Swedish court’s decision against Hamid Noury happened at the same time as a sizable demonstration in Brussels by Iranians who support freedom and MEK supporters. In order to secure the release of Tehran’s terrorist-diplomat Assadollah Assadi, who is currently serving a 20-year prison sentence for his part in a foiled 2018 bomb plot targeting a large rally in the north of Paris in support of the Iranian opposition coalition National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI). The governments of Belgium and Iran attempted to push through a secret prisoner exchange agreement.

A vote on the agreement was scheduled to take place in the Belgian Parliament, but the motion was twice postponed at the government’s request. Due to the extensive campaign that has brought attention to its shameful deal with Tehran, known for being the most active state sponsor of terrorism in the world. Brussels is undeniably under tremendous pressure.


Nevertheless, the Iranian Resistance and its supporters view this chance in Brussels as a chance to intensify their fight against the mullahs’ regime in Tehran and their appeasement-driven allies in the West after their victory in Stockholm.


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