NCRI: What has changed since the nuclear deal with Iran?

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) has asked what the Iranian people have gained since the nuclear deal.

It has been almost a year since the nuclear deal but “The situation with Iran has not gotten better, and the plight of the Iranian people grows worse.”

In an infographic, they have presented the 10 things that went wrong. They are:

1.The regime has launched 4 ballistic missiles despite international sanctions

2.Almost 2,400 people including women and children have been executed

3.Thousands of Afghan mercenaries have been recruited to fight in Syria

4.$8bn dollars-worth of Russian weapons have been purchased with unfrozen assets

5.The regime has smuggled arms to rebels in Yemen and Shiite militias in Iraq

6.The regime’s support for Assad has caused the greatest refugee crisis since World War II

7.Ten US Navy sailors were arrested and paraded for propaganda

8.There has been the largest crackdown on dissidents and journalists in decades

9.Parliamentary elections have been rigged by disqualifying candidates with tendencies to moderation

10.More morality police have been deployed to beat and supress women for violating dress and modesty standards

The NCRI assert that the nuclear deal has brought nothing positive to the people of Iran. Rather it has emboldened the regime “to act more recklessly and aggressively” – the opposite of what was promised by regime supporters such as the NIAC.

Supporters are invited to consult the Facebook page for the grand gathering in Paris on 9th July:  

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