Past time for the Int’l community to join Iranians in their fight for freedom

People's rage and exhilaration have been visible on Iranian streets. The protesters' diversity reflects their common desire for regime change.
People’s rage and exhilaration have been visible on Iranian streets. The protesters’ diversity reflects their common desire for regime change.

Protests are on the rise in Iran and the people have proven their determination to destabilize the regime, but what will the world’s response and reaction be? Protests erupted in response to the death of a young woman at the hands of the regime’s morality police, prompting many observers to call it the Iranian revolution.


In response to the growing wave of dissent across Iran, the clerical regime has resorted to brutal oppression by deploying anti-riot and other armed forces to various towns. According to the People’s Mojahedin of Iran (PMOI/MEK), Iran’s ruling theocracy has killed over 400 and detained 20.000 protesters so far.

The regime’s security forces raided the Sharif University of Technology on October 2. Videos indicate the oppressive troops using live ammunition and clubs to beat protesting students. According to state media, dozens of protesters dubbed “the leaders” by the regime have been arrested and taken to Evin Prison and a military base in Tehran’s Afsarieh district.



The IRGC forces opened fire on prayers in Zahedan, Sistan Baluchistan province, on Friday, October 1, killing 46 and injuring hundreds. Despite the harsh crackdown, Iranian protesters continue to demonstrate. Their spirit is unbreakable, and their determination to free their country is unwavering.

They are no longer afraid. Every bullet fired by the regime’s thugs strengthens protesters’ resolve. Every martyr who dies is replaced by another brave protester. Iranian women and youth who led protests have created a modern legend through their bravery, and the regime has been unable to put them down.



The Iranian people’s perseverance, particularly that of Iranian women, has resulted in unprecedented international solidarity. Renowned politicians, legislators, governments, and even actors and musicians have praised the Iranian people’s bravery while condemning the regime’s atrocities.

However, as time passes, the international community should step up its support for the significant Iran protests. Iran is on the verge of revolution, similar to the 1979 anti-monarchy revolution.

Unlike the Shah’s regime, which yielded to international pressure and the people’s uprising, the clerical regime sees no limit in using violence to maintain power. The recent footage of oppressive forces killing protesters, as well as the growing number of victims, attest to this.



The Iranian people have the right to legitimate self-defense against the regime’s unrelenting violence, according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Iranians have the right to self-determination and thus the freedom to choose their own future.

Thousands of international condemnations followed the Syrian uprising. However, world leaders failed to act when it was necessary to stop Bashar-al Assad’s bloodshed. The US administration did the same thing in 2009, turning a blind eye to the Iranian people’s uprising. Inaction by the international community has only emboldened authoritarian regimes to commit crimes against humanity with impunity.

The ball is now in the international community’s court. Will they choose to be on the right side of history and fulfill their moral and legal obligations, or will they simply sit back and accept their condemnations?



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