Raisi’s deceptive claims of economic prosperity expose Iran’s deepening crisis

On Sunday, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi proudly announced that his government had broken export records with over $50 billion in earnings.
On Sunday, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi proudly announced that his government had broken export records with over $50 billion in earnings.

However, even state media outlets have called him out for breaking the world record for lying, solidifying his position as the chief charlatan in the world’s most deceptive regime.



Raisi’s true accomplishments include an unprecedented censorship of economic statistics provided by government-affiliated centers. Iran’s Statistic Center has not published inflation rates for the past two months, as noted by the state-run Donyay-e Eghtesad website on May 2.

The outlet decried the government’s “collective censorship of data,” which extends to statistics on mining, housing, and business. Authorities seem reluctant to publish data that would expose their false promises and claims.


The Iranian president has made grandiose claims about “economic prosperity,” but refuses to admit that the country is grappling with an inflation rate above 50%, a production rate below 3%, a 150% increase in housing prices, and a 200% increase in commodity prices, as reported by the state-run Taadol on March 27.

Raisi’s lies know no bounds. By pledging to stop soaring prices, eradicate poverty within two weeks, build one million houses per year, and achieve double-digit economic growth, Raisi has set new standards for duplicity.

As regime-affiliated economist Ali Saadvandi stated on May 6, “There is no institution or authority to assess the claims about economic prosperity and to see if the government has really achieved what it claims.”



The expectation of transparency in the ruling kleptocracy is more unrealistic than believing in the tooth fairy. Iran’s national currency, the rial, has plummeted in value under Raisi’s tenure. As the state-run Etemad daily reported on April 8, 2023, the dollar exchange rate jumped from 230,000 rials in April 2021 to 500,000 in April 2023.

Consumer prices are skyrocketing, with state-affiliated cleric Hossein Qomi remarking on May 7 that many Iranians struggle to afford basic necessities. Iran’s financial crisis and Raisi’s inability to address it is a humiliating blow to the regime’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, who appointed Raisi and praised his presidency as the “sweetest event” in 2021.

Khamenei’s primary goal was to consolidate power to counter future uprisings, with Raisi tasked with oppressing a restive society rather than addressing its problems. However, the failure to temporarily alleviate Iran’s economic woes fuels public hatred and may pave the way for more public protests.



Former editor-in-chief of Keyhan Daily, Mehdi Nasiri, warned on May 5 that Iran is in its most dangerous period, with a rebellion potentially imminent. As the economic crisis deepens, Raisi’s deceptive claims of prosperity only serve to expose the regime’s failures and stoke public anger.




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