Religious scholar Al-Husseini calls on Iraqi Shia not to fall prey to Iranian regime deceptions

Seyyed Mohammed Ali Al-Husseini, General Secretary of Arab Islamic Council of Lebanon, urged Arab Shiites not to be deceived by the fabrications of the velayat-e faqih regime of Iran. Meanwhile, he urged them to follow their own Arab nation, Iraqi TV Al-Taghier reported on April 4.

Scholar Seyyed Mohammed Ali Al-Husseini said: “Arab Shiites should only serve their own countries and should not obey the velayat-e faqih regime [in Iran] under whatever cover or pretext or religious call.”

 “Arab Shiites should be an element for stability and security in their countries and should help their Arab brothers. They should not accept dubious and deceptive calls by the regime of velayat-e faqih made seemingly in support of Shia minorities. “

“Arab Shiites should distance themselves from parties or groups that conspire to create a role for Shiites as an independent group or special institution. These conspiring and fanatic political parties are financially supported by foreigners and aim at destabilizing countries to serve a foreign project.”

“As a duty, Arab Shiites should protect national security with all their capacity and they should spend everything for this purpose even at the price of their lives.”

To strengthen the Arab front, the Arabic Islamic Council emphasizes that security of any Arab country is the security of Arab nation in its entirety, the report said.