Senator Joseph Lieberman wishes Iran be free of oppression in New Year

Former U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman, on the occasion of the Iranian New Year that began on March 21, spoke against the Iranian regime, one that would eventually be overthrown, for him.

 Speaking to a large group of Iranians and U.S. Senate staff members in a meeting he called this ‘mullah’ power as the ‘evil’ empire of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and was positive that the world would see an Iran, free of oppression and terror. 

In his speech, Lieberman, a great criticizer of the regime, warned against them not only being a threat for Iran, but the United States as well, where to eradicate this, he is working with the with The National Council of Resistance of Iran, a beacon of hope for the Iranian people.

Because of the importance of stopping the radical extremist regime in Iran from getting nuclear weapons , he spoke of all the world leaders, naturally focused on the negotiations between the P5+1 and Iran. However, the Iranian regime has manipulated the United States and the other members of the P5+1 to a point where, for Lieberman,  a pretense has been created by them , one that shows that they want a nuclear agreement, much more than they actually do in reality. Hence, for him, one should not blatantly trust this government, one that has been the embodiment of violating basic human rights.

The UN reports that at least 753 individuals were executed by the current Iranian government in 2014, making it the highest number in a dozen years. Lieberman blamed Hassan Rouhani for this rapid increase in executions, a man that is slowly turning Iran into the center of violence.

Listing down the atrocities that the Iranian regime has conducted against its people, he highlighted women as being the greatest victims, where they were considered as second-class citizens.

 Lieberman saw these not as acts of strength, rather of weakness, ones anchored by being afraid of people revolting against them. 

Hence, he urged world leaders to take a stand against such a heinous government, one that has no sacredness for human life. We’ve seen perhaps one of the greatest atrocities, genocide, go on with the rest of the world essentially standing by passively in Syria since March of 2011 fueled primarily by the Iranian government.

For him, one of the most perverse arguments being made now is that if there is an agreement on nuclear weapons with Iran that will pave the way to a broader strategic re-orientation by Tehran which ideally would include an abandonment of its hegemonic ambitions in the region, an abandonment of its terrorist proxies and an end to its human rights abuses. However, he finds this trajectory, hard to believe, where there is so much that the world does not know about the regime. Mentioning Camp Liberty, Lieberman, talked about the protected person status revoked arbitrarily without a clause, and the residence, their security, turned over to the Iraqi government, an action, heavily influenced by Tehran.  Hence for him, this was another instance of the regime, taking against these enemies of theirs, being fighters for freedom in Ashraf.

Speaking directly to directly, those fighting and working hard in the movement against the regime, he applauded their courage and determination, calling them representation of the National Council of Resistance in Iran.

Liberman ended with rejoicing over the fact that the ‘evil’ empire of the Islamic Republic of Iran will be vanquished in our time and the world will begin anew. For him a part of why that will happen is because of the principle, the devotion, the steadfastness, the courage, the intellectual energy, the remarkable intelligence work done by Mrs. Rajavi, and her struggle against Ayatollah and the other Mullahs, determined to ruin Iran.