The Iran Regime’s Nuclear Programme Poses a Real Threat to World Security

Struan Stevenson, president of the European Iraqi Freedom Organization, stated that international pressure has forced Iran to stop the production of a nuclear bomb, but, in order to get that, the West made “unjustified concessions” during the nuclear negotiations.

It was thought that the nuclear deal would herald an era of moderateness towards the Iranian people and Iran’s regional neighbours including Iraq, but this has not materialised.

The US recently authorised a ten-year extension of sanctions against Iran.

Stevenson was being interviewed on, regarding the Iranian Regime’s nuclear deal, their control of Iraq, and how the Iranian Resistance can provide a democratic revolution in the authoritarian country.

Stevenson said that the European Union wished for Iraq to create an equal and just society, representing all different ethnicities, religions, and races; however, this may prove difficult given Iran’s influence over Iraq.

He stated that the mullahs in Iran have run a medieval state since 1979; repressing its own people and terrorising sovereign states in the Gulf region. He said that the West’s consistent policy of compromise and inaction leaves Iraq with no independent sovereignty or freedom.

He said: “The Iranian Regime’s logic in dealing with different issues is the logic of force and coercion, meaning that everywhere, whether in Iran or other countries including Iraq, the Iranian regime works its way forward only by using force, providing weapons and exporting murder, genocide and looting.”

While the mullahs are in power, there is no freedom in Iran or Iraq.

Stevenson said: “The Iranian regime’s footprints are clearly visible in all the crises in the Middle East, from Iraq, Syria, and Yemen to Lebanon, Bahrain, and other countries. I believe that to put an end to all the crises in the Middle East, including Syria, Yemen, Iraq, ISIS, etc., there’s only one real solution and that’s the overthrow of the Iranian regime.”

He noted that this would only be possible with the help of the organised, democratic resistance forces of Iran.

Stevenson stated that the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) was essential in revealing the nature of the Regime.

He said: “This shows the high degree of popularity and spread of the movement among the Iranian people. [It] was the Iranian Resistance that for the first time in 2002 made the world aware of the Iranian regime’s nuclear program, and then again it was the Iranian Resistance that revealed different aspects of the Iranian regime’s missile and nuclear programs.”

They also revealed that the Iranian Regime massacred 30,000 political prisoners in the summer of 1988 and the ruling mullahs proceeded to cover it up, for almost 30 years.

For international governments, ignoring the resistance would be tantamount to engaging in “domestic oppression or international terrorism