Iran – Arrest of Woman Jurnalist, Hengameh Shahidi at Evin Concerns Family

Hengameh Shahidi - Woman Jurnalist
Iran - Hengameh Shahidi

Stop Fundamentalism – According to sources, Mrs Hengame Shahidi, a member of the Etemad Meli Party which is headed by Mehdi Karubi, has been subject to inhuman torture and abuse in prison since her arrest.

Hengameh Shahidi - Woman JurnalistShahidi who is a reputable journalist was arrested after the unrest errupted following June 12 elections in Iran.

The sources say that in order to break her, she has been given false death sentence.   To show her that the sentence is not a bluff, she has been taken for executions many times and they even put the noose around her neck.

Shahidi is ill with a heart desease and her family express real concern about her life.