Iranian Diplomat Held for Child Harassment by German Police

Stop Fundamentalism – Iran is complaining to German Embassy in Tehran for apparently bad treatment of an Iranian diplomat in Frankfurt, report Iranian news media, Thursday.

The incident took place Monday when, as it is explained by the Iranian authorities, a German woman attacked the Iranian diplomat while he was on his way to work. 

Iran said it summoned the German ambassador for explanations.

Iran claims that while its diplomat was assaulted by the woman, German police targeted him with harsh treatment.

German police says the diplomat was temporarily held for trying to sexually abuse a 10-year-old girl.  Currently Frankfort judiciary is investigating the matter following complaints from the girl’s mother.  The Judiciary describes the diplomat as a 45-year old and deputy to the head of the Iranian consulate in Frankfort.

Earlier this year a member of the Iranian diplomat in Brazil was called to Tehran and dismissed for harassing teenage girls in a public pool.  The subject drew much attention in the media.  Iranian initially rejected the report and called the claim to be propaganda against Islamic Republic, but later called in the diplomat and said the incident was “due to cultural differences.”