Protests Continue in Iran

Protests Continue in Iran

By Staff writer, SF

Protests hit at least six Iranian cities on Sunday, with frustrated victims of the Regime’s corruption taking to the streets to demand justice or answers. Let’s look at them in more detail.

Ahvaz (southwest of Iran)

Dozens of railway workers hired to build the city’s urban train project by large and wealthy contractor Kayson Inc., gathered in front of the company’s headquarters to demand their overdue salaries.

No one has been paid fully since October 2017 and the workers have regularly protested this, but the company has been running them in circles.

Currently, the workers only receive $100-170 per month and this is only paid sporadically. A considerable amount of this goes to paying utility bills and rent.

Gachsaran (southwest of Iran)

Workers from the Cham-e Shir dam complex held a demonstration over not receiving their wages for over a year. They’ve routinely held protests and local authorities have constantly promised to pay, but the payments are never made, spurring further protests.

In September, 1,000 workers even went on strike.


The farmers of Oshkohoran village held a demonstration outside of the county mayor’s office to protest water shortages due to the plundering of natural water sources by government institutions. This threatens the livelihood of the farmers and the food supply in Iran.

These protests began in 2011 when water shortages first became apparent, but the government officials have failed to do anything about it. The protests often end with clashes between farmers and government security forces.

Khuzestan (southwest of Iran)

Teachers in Khuzestan began their second consecutive day of protest after being denied the 20-25% bonuses that are promised to public sector workers working in areas devastated during the eight-year Iran-Iraq war. This change happened after a districting reorganization that moved parts of the province off the list for bonuses and experts are warning that this could cause public sector workers to abandon the area.

Zabol (southeast of Iran)

Here, protests over unemployment led to clashes between protesters and the police.


In Tehran, there was three protests of particular note on Sunday.

This included:

• A sit-in by young people in front of the parliament to protest unemployment and the state of the economy.

• A protest by customers of the automakers Iran Khodro and Saipa in front of the offices of the industry ministry due to the non-delivery of their purchased car - the 207 Sedan.

This has been a regular protest because the company promised discounted prices to early buyers, before declaring that the customers must pay the full price for the vehicles.

• A protest by customers of car dealership Persian Pars in front of the General Court regarding the plundering of their investments and demanding the government to take legal action against the company.

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