Saturday March 25, 2017

Iranian Regime Fears Uprising During Festivities

Nervous that the annual Fire Festivities in Iran will involve public demonstrations, authorities are continuing to put in place suppressive measures to crackdown on the public. There have also been an increasing number of arrests in the past few days.

Shopkeepers are selling firecrackers and many have been arrested and had their goods confiscated. Reports of this happening have been coming from numerous provinces including Isfahan, Chahar Mahal & Bakhtiary, Sistan & Baluchistan, Fars, Gilan, Tehran and many more.


Rallies and Protests in Iran in the Past Few Days

500 retired teachers rallied in front of the Iranian parliament at 10 AM on Monday, February 27th; demanding equality in salary payments in comparison to other ministries.

The workers of Ardabil Steel Company lodged a protest against the 14-month overdue salaries.


Iran: Tehran Municipality Rocked by a New Corruption Scandal

A member of the City Council of Tehran disclosed that the 4 thousand and 200 people known as 'the qualified workforce' whom have been hired by Tehran Urban & Suburban Railway Operation Co. from 2012 to 2013, are outrageously underqualified, as the General Inspection Organization of Iran (GIO) reported.

The Head of Commission on Health and Environment of Tehran City Council, Rahmatollah Hafezi, in a closed session held on February 27th called for an investigation into the violations committed by Tehran Metro Company.


Iranian Regime Neglects People of Iran to Spend Billions Abroad

Western Iran has been covered in dust for the past few days because of some serious dust storms that have devastated the area. The quality of the air is horrendous and terribly dangerous, and banks, schools and offices have been forced to close. Power stations have been damaged and water supplies have been affected. Flights to and from the area have also had to be cancelled. 

Even before the dust crisis, the beautiful Khuzestan province was suffering as a result of the Iranian regime’s terrible policies. The regime spends billions of dollars to fund wars and terrorism abroad – mainly in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, but it willingly and unashamedly neglects its own country.


Iran Remains on Financial Action Task Force's Non-Cooperative Country or Territory List

The agency that deals with monitoring the finance of terrorism and money laundering is concerned about Iran. In June last year the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), an intergovernmental agency, announced that Iran would remain blacklisted as a high-risk country.

The FATF considers the Islamic Republic as a Non-Cooperative Country or Territory (NCCT).


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