Sunday April 30, 2017

Iran: Target Iran's Illegal Business Dealings to Curb Terrorism

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) recently held a press conference to highlight the ways in which Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) is gaining wealth which is in turn being used to fund the spread of terrorism throughout the Middle East and to support terrorist groups abroad. 

The opposition gave details about nearly 100 docks in Iran that are controlled solely by the IRGC. They highlighted that Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran, ordered for there to be no controls or checks on the docks that the IRGC is in control of. This way, goods can be smuggled in and out of the country.


How Can the US Be Prepared for Conflict With Iran?

In 2015, Harry J. Kazianis, the Director of Defense Studies at The Center for the National Interest wrote about how the United States military could strike Iran. This was originally written at a time when the nuclear deal was being prepared and many had voiced opposition to it – calling for it to be abandoned. 

Kazianis pointed out at the time that even if a solid nuclear deal is agreed, there are still many topics regarding the Middle East where the United States and Iran disagree. He emphasised that the US needs to be ready to confront Iran should the case arise.


President of Iran Calls Syrian President to Give Support Following Chemical Attacks

Iranian state media has reported that President Hassan Rouhani contacted Syrian President Bashar al Assad via telephone to reiterate his support for the Assad regime. He said that the chemical attack recently carried out in Syria was orchestrated by the opposition. 

He reportedly said: “The use of chemical weapons (…) was aimed to divert the general public’s attention from the truth. We must not permit terrorists use such weaponry, then accuse others and provide pretexts for measures in violation of international regulations.”


Iranian Ambassador Summoned by Jordan Over Foreign Ministry Statements

The Iranian ambassador to Jordan, Mojtaba Ferdosipour was summoned on Sunday by the Amman-Jordan’s Foreign and Expatriates Affairs Ministry, who protested the remarks made by an Iranian foreign ministry spokesperson against Amman and its leadership.

The foreign ministry issued a statement on Sunday, saying that the comments delivered by the Iranian foreign ministry official “reflected a failed attempt to distort the pivotal role of Jordan in pursuing regional security and stability, fighting terrorism, countering attempts to sow strife or using Arab causes for own benefit.”


Trump Must Expose the Iran Deal, After Gassing

The renewed use of gas by Bashar Assad opens a more disturbing question of who actually knew the Syrian leader still had chemical weapons. On numerous occasions, it was said that that the Syrians had rid themselves of those WMDs. There have been contentions made that Saddam transferred his chemical weapons to Syria and that would make Trump not Vladimir Putin's personal "useful idiot.”


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