Monday April 24, 2017

"Only 4% of Society Happy With Status Quo," Says Iranian Presidential Candidate

Disputes between factions vying for Iran’s presidency continue, especially regarding economics, as each faction accuses the other.

Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, Tehran’s Mayor, said as he registered his candidacy, “[Iranian President Hassan] Rouhani speaks of economic conditions improving. But he would be more informed about the economic situation if he took a step out of his office. It would become crystal clear for him that only 4% of the society is happy with the status quo. The truth is that people from all walks of life are very unhappy as small and large production units are forced to shut down one after another.” Ghalibaf slammed Hassan Rouhani, describing his performance as "pointless and promotional plans" over the past 4 years.


Class Division Reaches Alarming Levels in Iran

In Iran economic inequality and class divisions has reached a point that is very concerning to many economic experts, as the class divide increases.

According to the state-run Tasnim News Agency, “Published statistics show that in recent years the financial power of the rich has increased in comparison to the power of the poor, under a variety of indexes,” The urban rich class’ spending for food has increased from 4.29 times more in 2013 to 4.77 times more in 2015.”


Iran's Presidential Elections and a Dozen Crises

While Ehsan Aminolroaia was being interviewed, questions about the state of Iran's presidential election arose.

Aminolroaia, a member of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), was asked, “In the upcoming election, how will Iran politically respond to what question and how will it resolve the conflict? In 2013, the Iranian regime needed to respond to the issue of the nuclear deal. In year 2005, Iran wanted to spread its influence in Iraq and obtain the nuclear bomb. Therefore, the regime created a Monique ruling apparatus with Ahmadinejad's base. What is the regime’s Supreme Leader is looking for?”


Iran Officials Discuss the Upcoming Presidential Election, Charge Corruption Within Regime

Ahmad Tavakoli, former Iranian MP, and Abbas Abdi, member of the what is known as the “reformist” camp in Iran, issued a joint statement regarding institutionalized financial and economic corruption in Iran, calling senior officials “concession greedy” and stating that “this corruption will eventually find more depth, and today we are faced with systematic and networked corruption.”

According to the Alef website, they added, “In this phase the very oversight bodies involved in the fight against corruption will become influenced and corrupt individuals and begin supporting each other in a networked manner. This in itself will become part of the reason of this situation continuing.”


Iran Finally Getting Resistance From the US

The war in Syria can no longer be described as a civil war. A more accurate description would be a clash of coalitions and opposing blocs. Iran’s presence in Syria is by far the most dangerous. In fact, in Iran’s involvement in propping the Syrian dictator up, Assad ironically seems to play a very small role. The Iranian regime is commanding Assad’s troops and has a much higher ratio of forces. 

Iran, with its huge financial wealth and the copious number of weapons that goes with it, has deployed jihadist agents all over the region to help in its domination of the Middle East.


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