Ahmadinejad: UN threat won’t deter Iran from nuclear track

Ahmadinejad:Iran will nt stop nuclearTehran, Iran, Dec. 01 – Iran’s hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad vowed to continue Iran’s nuclear ambitions till the very end and said that the Islamic Republic was unafraid of the threat of United Nations Security Council referral, state-run dailies reported on Thursday.

Speaking in the province of Ilam, western Iran, on Wednesday, Ahmadinejad said that Tehran had no intention of halting its sensitive nuclear work. “We are not afraid of your bogus stick known as the Security Council”, he said, addressing the United States and the European Union which believe that Iran is working towards obtaining atomic weapons under cover of nuclear energy production.

“Those who say that we should not use atomic weapons are those who have themselves used such weapons”, the hard-line president said.

“We will not back down from our stance”, he proclaimed, adding, “We will continue until we obtain nuclear technology”.

France, Britain and Germany – the “EU-3” – have led negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program since 2003. The talks broke off earlier this year when Iran unilaterally breached its agreement by resuming suspended activities of the nuclear fuel cycle.

Iran’s ultra-Islamist officials and media have been celebrating their “victory” over the West in the wake of the reported decision by the EU-3 to drop their demand that Iran shut down its nuclear plant in Isfahan before the resumption of talks.