G8 Summit: Leaders Pledge To Ensure Reliable Access To Low-Enriched Uranium

Som Patidar
St. Petersburg, Russia, July 16 (AHN) – In the first session of the G8 summit leaders from the world’s top industrialized nations Sunday, pledged to ensure reliable access to low-enriched Uranium for use in nuclear power plant.

A joint statement by G8 nations on Global Energy Security said: "We reaffirm the objective set out in the 2004 G8 Action Plan on Non-Proliferation to allow reliable access of all countries to nuclear energy on a competitive basis, consistent with non-proliferation commitment and standards."

"Building on that plan, we intend to make additional joint efforts to ensure reliable access to low enriched uranium for power reactor fuel and spent fuel recycling, including, as appropriate, through a multilateral mechanisms provided that the countries adhere to all relevant international non-proliferation commitments and comply with their obligations," the joint statement noted.