Hamas ‘confessions’: Iran responsible in attacks

ImageStop Fundamentalism- Jordan broadcasted a television program of what it says are Hamas members confessing to smuggling arms into the country and planning attacks.

The broadcast on Thursday also displayed a weapons stockpile including hand grenades and Iranian-made Katushya rockets seized in raids last month.

On Wednesday 20 Hamas members were arrested after their weapons were discovered.

The apparent leader of the group, named as Ayman Naji Daraghmeh, spoke of his links to Hamas and his trips to Syria – where the group’s leadership is based – and also of spying on a Jordanian intelligence officer who was to be killed.

A second suspect said Daraghmeh had told him of plans to attack a bus carrying members of the Jordanian intelligence services, and a third said he was involved in a plot to kill a Jordanian Christian.

Also the Al-Arabiya TV reported on May 11 that Saleh Qulab, former Jordanian Minister of Public Relations commented that “They have been armed and trained by Iran.” 

“I have already announced that the Iranian regime is directly involved in these incidents. These individuals are backed by the Iranian regime’s Intelligence. Arms seized from them have been assembled by the Iranian regime and bear the marking of the Iranian Army. Those arrested have confessed that they traveled to Iran and Syria to receive training,” Qulab added.

Qulab also agreed that this type of terrorist measures is in line with the regional policies of the Iranian regime and its Intelligence Ministry and cautioned against its consequences.

Zalmay Khalilzad, US ambassador to Iraq said on May 11, “It is very important that what comes from Iran or the training some of these individuals receive by Iranians in Iraq and the operations of the Iranian Intelligence in Iraq be stopped.”