Hezbollah Warns More Destruction to Come to Haifa

Som Patidar

Beirut, Lebanon, jUly 16 (AHN) – Lebanese Islamist Group Hezbollah threatened Israel Sunday that Haifa (Israel’s major sea port) would ‘burn in flames’ if Israel continue its attack on Lebanon. The militant group also warned it will focus its next missile attacks on Haifa’s oil refining complex.

On Sunday, Israel claimed that at least eight people had been killed and 17 wounded in a shooting in Haifa city, as Hdzbollah continued its fire against the country.

Hezbollah, on its part, claimed that in the attack on the major Israeli city, missiles hit a railway station, the city port and an oil refinery, killing 9 and wounding two dozen people.

Over 100 Lebanese civilians were killed and more than 200 wounded, as Israel launched a military operation in Lebanon after Hezbollah took two Israeli soldiers hostage on Wednesday.