Iran again rejects UN nuclear watchdog’s demands

ImageTehran, Iran, Oct. 05 – Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator flatly rejected Wednesday evening demands by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for Tehran to discontinue nuclear fuel cycle activities.

Secretary general of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Ali Larijani told reporters at Tehran’s Mehrabad Airport after returning from a visit to Syria that negotiations with the West could not continue if the Islamic Republic was required to suspend the

“If the goal is for negotiations to take place so that Iran gives up its intention of carrying out nuclear fuel cycle activities, then there are not negotiations which the Iranian nation will accept, nor will they be just”, Larijani said.

The SNSC secretary general said that the world was witnessing “anarchy in the realm of international nuclear rights”.

“The Iranian nation will not forgo its nuclear fuel cycle rights”, Larijani said, adding that Tehran would consider reopening negotiations with Europe so long as such rights were not violated.

“If the [International Atomic Energy] Agency wants negotiations to bear fruit, its aim must be to ensure that Iran’s right to the fuel cycle is materialized.