Iran continues laser enrichment while reporting to IAEA otherwise

ImageDer Tagesspiegel Weekly, Aug. 6, Germany – The Iranian regime continues its activities of enriching uranium using lasers. According to a Russian engineer who works in an institute abroad for advancement of nuclear reactors, the regime in Tehran has received technical assistance regarding this matter from Russia since March 2004.

This assistance is given in a program called “Laser System for Separation of Heavy Isotopes”… The laser method has appreciable advantages that are very important for the Iranian regime, one of them being its small need for space and energy but a higher yield of uranium 235 and plutonium 239…

In a letter to IAEA in August 2003, the Iranian regime declared that it had permanently stopped these tests. The National Council of Resistance of Iran has repeatedly announced that the Iranian officials’ report on ceasing these activities was not true and they continue to be pursued in the Parchin military complex in southeast Tehran.