Iran could face Chapter 7 in Security Council

Iran Nuclear Security councilMarch 6, 2006 (Stop Fundamentalism) – Reuters reported from the U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Thursday this week that the United Nations Security Council would only give Iran two chances to freeze its nuclear activity before sanctions are imposed,.

"This is a calibrated, gradual, reversible approach," said Ambassador John Bolton.

If Iran defies a statement from the Security Council, which has urged it to suspend its nuclear enrichment activities by the end of this month, then the council would likely issue a stiffer warning demanding such compliance, Bolton said.

"Then we will consider the next step, which may well be a Chapter 7 resolution that imposes sanctions of some kind," Bolton told reporters.

Under “Chapter 7 resolution,” the United Nations could authorize military action, such as air strikes, against Iran.

Meanwhile, Iran was busy last week sending a message of defiance to the international community that it is ready and able to defend itself by staging one-week long war games by the Persian Gulf.
"If enemies try to attack Islamic Iran, they will receive a severe smacking" Ahmad Khatami said at the Friday prayer sermon in Tehran.

Although the one-week long military war-games did receive international attention, observers unanimously agreed that despite Iran’s claim of introducing self-made, high-tech equipment, the actual items where in fact imported Chinese and Russian made arsenal which their capabilities were overwhelmingly exaggerated.