Iran MP reports of nuclear progress

Iran Natanz

Activities continue in Nataz nuclear site

Stop Fundamentalism – While the world community is looking for ways to stop Iran’s advancement in nuclear projects, a Member of Parliament of mullahs’ reported of progress in nuclear projects and insisted on its continuation despite calls from international community.

Falahat-Pishe, a member of Securities and Policies Committee of the Mullahs’ Parliament, emphasized the active status of the 164 Centrifuge Cascades in enriching uranium in Naranz facilities and said, “Iran is ready to startup more cascades and undoubtedly in the near future there will be more news on Iran’s advancements in the nuclear field.”

“The progress in the nuclear field is enormous and we should all be thankful,” Falahat-Pishe said to the news media while visiting Natanz nuclear site.

“The speed at which we have acquired this technology is a demonstration of our abilities and will raise our negotiating power in the diplomatic arena,” said Falahat-Pishe. Stressing the irreversible nature of nuclear research he added, “We have repeatedly declared that economic incentives are not our concern but we insist on technological advancement.”

He insisted on the continuation of nuclear research and said, “Nuclear research in Iran will not be shelved under any agreement or protocol.”