Iranian missiles and mines at the hands of proxy groups in Iraq

Stop Fundamentalism – The Iraqi daily Al-Etjah El-Akhar reported on May 15, that the British Department of Military Intelligence in southern Iraq has repeatedly revealed images and interrogations of some small armed Shiite groups directly tied to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards or the Ministry of Intelligence.

The reports indicate that the Iranian regime has supplied these groups with hundreds of tons of weapons including a large volume of surface-to-air and surface-to-surface missiles and anti-vehicle mines which are the most advanced type in the Iranian regime’s arsenal.  The weapons come across the Iranian boarder with Iraq.

Some of those arrested are from groups affiliated with the Iranian regime and have revealed during the investigations that the Iranian regime has concentrated on supplying its allies in Iraq with anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles and short-range surface-to-surface rockets. 

Regarding those Iraqis opposed to Iranian meddling and presence, an Iraqi political commentator, Laqa Maleki, said to Al-Jazeera TV on May 16 that such people are being “purged” in the municipality of Basra and replaced by pro-Iran.