MEP s back Iranian resistance movement to democratic solution

iran nuclearNew Europe, the European Weekly, Feb 18– A group of Members of the European Parliament met with the Iranian resistance movement in Strasbourg on February 14 to discuss plans to change Iran from within. 

As the situation in Iraq deteriorates, the prospect of the Americans being able to open a second front against the highly-militarized Iranians would be disastrous, MEP Struan Stevenson from the UK, vice president of the EPP-ED Group and co-chair of the Friends of a Free Iran Inter-group, told the meeting, adding that Iran is supporting insurgents in neighboring Iraq. 

At the same time, the appeasement and negotiation policy of EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana has only allowed the Tehran mullahs to buy more time to complete their nuclear enrichment program, his critics said. Stevenson said the appeasement policy has failed and the Iranians are within two years of producing their own nuclear weapon. 

“The final option — the one that we and the Friends of a Free Iran have spoken about and have been telling the European Union to pursue for the past two years — is backing the main opposition group, backing civil society, backing the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI), which is the key opposition group most feared by the mullahs.