Pak cooperating with IAEA on Iran nuclear issue: El Baradei

International Atomic Energy Agency Director General Mohammed El BaradeiNew Delhi,  IRNA
Iran-Pak-El Baradei

Hopeful of making a direct interaction with Pakistani nuclear scientist A.Q. Khan, International Atomic Energy Agency Director General Mohammed El Baradei today said Islamabad had been cooperating with IAEA in resolving issues pertaining to Iran’s nuclear issue .

"We are getting good cooperation from Pakistan. So, I really want to make it clear that Pakistan since last year has been cooperating with us in resolving many of Iranian pieces of the puzzle", Baradei said in an interview to New Delhi Television (NDTV), a leading Indian English news channel.

About Khan, he said "Obviously, we will like to see him directly and talk to him directly and I guess, many other people will also like to do that, but we have not made progress on that".

He said Khan was still considered a national hero in Pakistan and its Government was cooperating with the Agency for a contact with him.

"Ultimately, I hope we will be able to make a direct contact with him just to make sure we know everything about the network", he said.