Tehran has a network of tunnels to conceal nuclear program

Tehran has a network of tunnels to conceal nuclear programstopfundamentalism.com, 22 December 2005 

Tehran has built a network of tunnels and underground facilities to conceal parts of its nuclear program.

The facilities conceal nuclear research workshops, atomic equipment and missile command and control centers.
These underground facilities have been constructed in at least 14 sites near Tehran, Isfahan, and Qom.

Iranian regime and the European Union met on Wednesday to try to break a deadlock over Tehran’s persistence on its right to make nuclear fuel, which the West says could be used to make atom bombs.

The Europeans want to push a Russian proposed plan which would allow Tehran to conduct much of the fuel cycle at home while enriching its uranium only on Russian soil – thus keeping the most sensitive nuclear work out of the country.

Iran has already rejected this proposal.

An EU-3 diplomat said today: “The real diplomatic work at the moment is trying to bring the Russians on board so we can take this to the Security Council.”

We have been calling on the International Atomic Energy Agency and the European Union to break off talks with Iran about its nuclear program and to refer the case to the U.N. Security Council immediately.

We must understand that the Iranian regime is trying to buy time to complete its plan to acquire nuclear weapons.