Tribes to counter Iranian infiltration in Iraq

Iran Iraq boarderStop Fundamentalism – According to Al-Arab Al-Yawm a Jordanian daily, while kidnapping, murder and torture of nationalist and tribal personalities is on the rise, Iraq’s southern cities experience a security tension and pressure.

This situation has forced leaders of Arab tribes in Basra and vicinity to form a popular force affiliated with tribes of southern Iraq to counter foreign infiltration.

A tribe sheikh who did not wish to have his name revealed, told the Al-Arab Al-Yawm that the option to fight back is a strategic choice for the Arab tribes. He added that “all southern cities will see a hard resistance in the coming days.”

Tribal leaders and personalities have expressed their deep concerns and anger about the role of Iran’s security forces in the southern cities and to the kidnapping, murder and chaos they spread.

The British Radio in a report from Basra said one person is assassinated in Basra every hour.