U.N. Imposing Sanctions, North Korea Says It Will Continue With Tests

Nicole King
The United Nations Security Council says it will impose sanctions on North Korea if the country doesn’t discontinue its missile tests. But North Korean officials say they have no plan to stop the tests and the resolution is an attempt to isolate the country.

Six U.N. nations, including the U.S., passed the resolution Saturday. In it, the countries demanded an end to North Korea’s missile tests, banned weapons and technology from North Korean leaders, and warned other countries against supporting the country’s missile and weapons programs.

The resolution proved tough to pass. Chinese authorities had significant reservations about allowing military force if the resolution is violated. The Security Council said it remains to be decided how they will proceed if the resolution is violated.

North Korean officials immediately condemned the resolution and say the tests preserve peace and stability in East Asia.

North Korea’s U.N. Ambassador Pak Gil Yon warned that the country will take stronger action if any country takes issue with the exercises and puts pressure on officials to discontinue them.

The Associated Press reports Yon said, "The delegation of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea resolutely condemns the attempt of some countries to misuse the Security Council for the despicable political aim to isolate and put pressure on the DPRK, and totally rejects the resolution."