“United Against Fundamentalism, Role of Iranian Resistance” – NCRI

Maryam Rajavi: Human rights and freedom can be reestablished in Iran through struggle and uprising

Daesh or ISIS found the opportunity to grow and expand with the support of Bashar Assad, and it will not be destroyed with Assad in power

On the eve of the International Human Rights Day, the Union of Iranian Associations in Europe sponsored a meeting on Tuesday, December 8, in the presence of Iranian Resistance’s President-elect Maryam Rajavi, Senator Joseph Lieberman, former U.S. Democratic Party Nominee for vice-president, and Professor Alejo Vidal Quadras, former Vice President of the European Parliament.

In the meeting entitled, “United Against Fundamentalism, Role of Iranian Resistance”, Mrs. Rajavi drew attention to and warned against the efforts of the Iranian regime and its allies to save the Assad regime.

She said Daesh has found the opportunity to grow and expand with the support of Bashar Assad, and it will not be destroyed with Assad in power.

She added: This calls for Western governments to adopt a policy that supports the desires of the innocent people of Syria for a speedy overthrow of Bashar Assad, gives substantial backing to the Free Army of Syria in its struggle against the regime, and insists on the eviction of foreign troops, specifically the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) from Syria and Iraq.

Referring to the terrorist attacks in Europe and US, Mrs. Rajavi emphasized: Islam is shocked by such barbarism. There is no dispute between Shiites and Sunnis, Muslims and Christians, or nations of the Middle East and West or their cultures. The dispute, however, is between ruling dictatorships and nations who seek freedom.

She asserted: Anyone who claims to be Muslim must stand up to Bashar Assad and Khamenei, and not kill innocent people. I must reiterate that the solution to this paradox is at the hands of the people of the region to struggle against extremists by relying on genuine Islam that espouses democracy and tolerance.

Mrs. Rajavi also paid tribute to the memory of 120,000 martyrs of PMOI and other victims of execution under religious fascism including 30,000 prisoners massacred in 1988 and all the political prisoners executed in recent years, as well as those slain in camps Ashraf and Liberty and the 24 freedom fighters, in particular, who lost their lives on October 29th in a rocket attack at the behest of the clerical regime.

She denounced Western governments’ overlooking of flagrant human rights violations in Iran including the 2,000 people executed under Rouhani, as well as the adverse consequences of the Iranian regime’s warmongering and bloodshed throughout the region.

She called on Western governments to revise their policy which has so far reinforced the Iranian regime that causes instability in the region and is the main threat to global peace and security, and to make their relations with the Iranian regime contingent on end to executions and torture, and freedom of political prisoners.

Citing Khamenei’s criminal record, Maryam Rajavi urged the UN Security Council to make the necessary arrangements for prosecution of the leaders of the Iranian regime, particularly Khamenei, as perpetrators of the crimes in an international court.

Former political prisoner Farzad Madadzadeh who has recently fled Iran, as well as Shaqayeq Azimi whose parent are presently held as political prisoners in jail, spoke on the abysmal state of human rights in Iran and poor conditions in the medieval prisons of the clerical regime.

Specialists and professionals, teachers, nurses, students and other representatives of Iranian communities were also in attendance in this important conference and a number of them addressed the gathering.