Help us to stop Fundamentalism


Two women lay flowers in memory of the London bombing victims.

Help us to stop Fundamentalism

In the morning of 7th of July, 59 innocent people became victims of fundamentalists in the London Bombing. Many bereaved families did not have their loved ones with them that night. No one wanted to believe that those dear to them will never come back.

For many the greatest shock was the fact that those perpetrators who carried out these acts of horror were British born and bread. They were our children’s friends and even their teachers.

The biggest question that we must answer is; How could this happen in a country like Britain?

And more important still; how do we address it?

Friends Of Humanity is committed to addressing Fundamentalism,
Some of our members who for a quarter of a century have endured the harshest policies of fundamentalism in their homeland, have on the other hand also found the solution to combat it. This is the tragic experience of the Iranian community, whose revolution landed it in the clutches of fundamentalists. Thinking that the fundamentalists would help them achieve freedom and democracy over 99% of them chanted for its establishment.

Today, 26 years on that priceless experience has educated over 94% of the Iranian people who now stand united against fundamentalism.
That knowledge is also registered in the hearts of those who fled that tyranny. People who are committed to ensuring that no other nation would have to face such barbarity. This Pricy experience can now be used to educate our vulnerable youth and various communities.

Iran was the first truly fundamentalist regime in recent history. Its effect on the world of Islamic fundamentalists can only be compared to that of the Soviet Union on the communist movements.
Did you know that by their own admission the Iranian officials have been recruiting suicide bombers on the internet? That they have founded many “Martyrdom schools” which boast having graduated! 3000 suicide bombers 500 of whom they boast to have "utilized" in various places and that they believe they have affected the policies of the west with this deadly scheme!
We all know that now Fundamentalism is a new global threat.

Our Solution

Educating both, policy makers and those susceptible to being recruited by fundamentalists, such education is best done by those who have first hand experience, who are Moslems and therefore would be considered as "credible". 

Friends Of Humanity is set up to facilitate just that; to help address this problem at its roots.
A similar work conducted in Iraq using our method has already proven very successful. Nearly 3 million Iraqis (one third of the voting population) have now joined a front denouncing fundamentalism in support of Iranian dissidents. How ever every day in the news we read about suicide bombers in Iraq, and we must reach more people fast, before more people fall in to the clutches of fundamentalists.

7/7 brought Iraqi realities to London streets and showed us that we need a campaign just as effective here in our own communities.

We are planning educational events, such as seminars, conferences, publishing books and making films to be an eye opener in regards with fundamentalism, its history and effects.

Please help us by sponsoring our work, your contribution could save lives.

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