Urgent Action

Youngsters Execution

Scene of an actual execution in Iran. Victims are barely 18.

Opponents of the Iranian regime are on hunger strike on death row

The Islamic fundamentalist regime of Iran has been condemned 51 times by various UN bodies including the General Assembly and the Commission on Human Rights in the past 25 years.

Tens of thousands of political opponents of the regime have been executed without the right to defend themselves or a fair trial. Children as young as 13 years of age, pregnant women and elderly people have been among the victims of execution, and many opponents have been treated as common criminals, and executed.

With reference to a report from Amnesty International (CNN, April 30, 2005) stated that Iran had the second highest number of executions in the world, with 159 in 2004. Another statement issued by Amnesty International (July 22, 2005) stated that 49 executions have been reported in Iran in the past seven months.

According to Iranian law, opponents of the government are defined as enemies of God and have to be executed.
The new President, Mahmood Ahmadinejad, has increased social suppression, particularly against students and women, and instituted more torture and further executions. The lives of all political prisoners in Iran are in great danger, whether or not they are on hunger strike.

We appeal to all our sympathizers to support our campaign to stop the elimination of political opponents in Iran by the fundamentalist regime.

Friends Of Humanity has arranged this campaign to help all political prisoners in Iran, and in particular those under threat of execution and those on hunger strike, and we urge you to give us your support. Your contribution could save lives. 

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