Friends of Humanity and other human rights activists staged a rally in Oslo and Copenhagen

ImageOctober 7 – Dozens of supporters of Friends of Humanity and other human rights activists in Copenhagen and Oslo gathered in front of the embassies of the Russian Federation and South Africa to call for these countries’ support of mullahs’ nuclear file referral to the UN Security Council.

In Oslo gathering  NCRI representative to Nordic countries, reminded these countries of their dark days before they gained their freedom and democracy. He particularly spoke of the support given to the people of South Africa by Iranians in their struggle against apartheid and said: “Fundamentalism is a global threat and a nuclear weapon in the hands of Iranian regime, the God father of international terrorism and fundamentalism, will seriously threaten peace and security in the world.”
He also urged these countries to support the move to send the Iranian regime’s nuclear file to the Security Council and called for their solidarity with Iranian people’s struggle to establish freedom and democracy in their homeland.
In Copenhagen a delegation of supporters of the Iranian opposition met with the Russian Ambassador and raised the demands and concerns of the protesters with him.