Enraged crowd in Iraq sets fire to Iran consulates

Stop Fundamentalism – Al-Jazeera TV reported on June 15 that a crowd of angry Iraqis attacked the Iranian consulates in two cities to call for an end to Tehran’s meddling in Iraq.

Al-Jazeera said, by attacking the Iranian consulates in Basra and Karbala, people in these cities expressed their outrage over mullahs’ interferences in their country.

The protesting crowd pulled out the entrance gate, throwing stones at the main consular building and set fire to part of it.

The crowd also inflicted heavy damage on the vehicles belonging to the consulate.

The angry crowd pulled down the Iranian flag and raised the Iraqi flag instead.

This is the first time a Shiite group in Iraq attacks Iran’s consulate to express its rage and fury against the regime’s meddling in Iraq.