Friends of Humanity co-sponsor the Paris conference.

Iran-Human Rights: World Day Against Death Penalty conference in Paris dealt with mullahs’ record.

ImageOctober 13 – Friends of Humanity took part and co-sponsored the Paris conference to mark the World Day Against Death Penalty.
This was a major conference held in Paris on Monday October 10.

The conference, chaired by Mr. Pierre Bercis, the President of the new Human Rights in France, also featured French Senator Jean-Pierre Michel; Jean Kahn, former chairman of the Human Rights Advisory Committee to the Prime Minister’s office; Bishop Jacques Gaillot; Violette Daguerre, chair of the Arab Human Rights Committee and its former chair Dr. Mansouf Mazrouki, and a number of other prominent politicians, human rights activists and lawyers.

Speakers at the Paris conference condemned the gross violations of human rights in Iran, particularly the escalation of public executions since the appointment of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the mullahs’ new president. The dignitaries called on the international community and organizations to take practical steps to put an end to the atrocities in Iran.