Friends of Humanity co-sponsors Geneva rally

Geneva rally Supporters of Friends of Humanity and other activists staged a protest rally in Geneva on Tuesday 29.11.2005.

“Groups affiliated to the Iranian regime have plans to manipulate the result of upcoming elections in December in Iraq,” said Jean-Pierre Lano, General Secretary of the Swiss association for education, training and freedom.

The groups plan to use forged ballots or force people to vote for their list of candidates, Lano said and added that they would in the next stage swap the sealed ballot boxes with the ones filled with favorable ballots previously.

He made these remarks in a rally organized by supporters of the Friends of Humanity and other Iranian activists outside the European Headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva on Tuesday. Demonstrators condemned clerical regime’s meddling in Iraq and called for closure of torture centers in that country set up by mullahs’ agents.
A delegation representing the participants in the rally delivered a letter to officials of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees containing their demands. The delegation was received warmly at the UNHCR and they were assured of close consideration of their demands.