Participation of Iranian activist in Red Cross Seminar in Stockholm

ImageOn Wednesday 28th September Iranian activist who co-operates with Friends of Humanity (as well), took part in a seminar held by the Red Cross in Stockholm, to mark the 20th anniversary by the Swedish Red Cross. The seminar, set up to discuss the establishment of a center for refugees from torture, was addressed by ex-political prisoner Mr. Mostafa Naderi.

Having been in prison for 12 years in Iran, he co-operates activly  with Friends of Humanity, he talked about his own experience, explaining the impossibility of describing 12 years of imprisonment and torture in a few minutes or even in a few hours. He said that, even after more than 100,000 executions, human rights violations persist in Iran. His speech had a major impact on the other participants, and, in the break between sessions, some urged Mr. Naderi to publish his dreadful experiences in a book, in order to highlight the extent of human rights violation in Iran to a wider audience.