Friends of Humanity co-sponsors Norway and Belgium rallies

rallys in Norway and BelgiumOn Monday November 28th, upporters of Friends of Humanity and other activists In tandem with a worldwide protest against the clerical regime’s meddling in Iraq, in Belgium and Norway rallied in protest against the mullahs’ interference in that country.

Demonstrators in Norway demanded closure of all torture centers in Iraq operated by mullahs’ intelligence agents.

The demonstrators said the only solution to the Iran crisis is neither the failed appeasement policy nor foreign intervention, but democratic change by the Iranian people and their resistance.

In an exhibition outside Belgian Foreign Ministry in Brussels, supporters of Friends of Humanity and other Iranians displayed aspects of horrific human rights violations in Iran.

A delegation representing demonstrators at the rally met with the head of the Iran-Iraq section at the Belgian Foreign Ministry to convey the demands of the rally to participants.