Premium Dell service aims to help businesses get the most out of computers

SAN FRANCISCO, June 27, 2006 (AFP) – Dell on Wednesday unveiled a premium support service, complete with 24-hour command centers, it touted as a tool for businesses to get maximum performance from their computer systems.

The Texas computer company’s Platinum Plus enterprise clients will have "mission critical applications" protected and get "benchmark" data to figure out how to improve their operations, Dell said.

"Customers say that while they value speeds and feeds, it is about getting value of their systems," Dell Vice President of Enterprise Services Steve Meyer told AFP during an interview in San Francisco.

"A better chip matters, but what customers are really pounding the table for is how to make their whole IT ecosystem work better. It’s not sexy, but it is what is important."

Dell has a set of Enterprise Command Centers fashioned after command posts used by public safety officials during disasters, according to Meyer.

Workers at the centers track conditions such as approaching storms or major political gatherings to anticipate problems with computer networks and get resources in position ahead of time, Meyer said.

"It’s a really cool setup," Meyer said.