Afghans Protest Iran’s Role in Afghanistan

Stop Fundamentalism – Over a hundred young Afghans demonstrated in Kabul, in front of Iranian Embassy, protesting hangings of Afghan nationals by this country and its involvement in Afghanistan, reported RIANOVOSTI Wednesday.  Protester burned the Iranian flag in protest, chanting “down with Iran, Khamenei and Ahmadinejad.”

A spokesman for the National Movement of Afghanioun that organized the demonstration said that the protest aimed to “condemn Iran’s execution of Afghan nationals.”  The spokesman also told reporters that Iran is following political and intelligence objectives through its cultural, educational and religious centers in Afghanistan.

The number of executions in Iran is on the rise and a considerable number of victims are Afghan nationals due to presence of large number of Afghan immigrants to that country.

“Iran wants to use Afghanistan’s national resources,” said the spokesman adding, “We will continue our protests until Iran will end its meddling in our country and stops execution of Afghans.”

Another member of the movement said that,”Iran’s cultural siege of the country is more dangerous than a military one and should be stopped.”

In a closing statement, the protesters called on the government of Afghanistan to remove individuals from key administrative roles that work to expand Iran’s influence in Afghanistan.  The statement stressed that, “This is Kabul and not Qum.”

Officials in Afghanistan say that over 5000 Afghan nationals are in prisons in Iran including 3000 that have been sentenced to death.  Three bodies of Afghans who had been executed in Iran recently, were transferred to Afghan authorities just two days ago.