American Reconnaissance Drone Crashes in Iran

Iranian regime's UAV Program will Further Contribute to Domestic Oppression and Regional Inestability.

Stop Fundamentalism – An American reconnaissance Drone plan has crashed in eastern part of Iran, reported Iranian news agencies, Sunday.

“Tehran will respond to the violation of its airspace by the American plane,” reports the Iranian Fars News website affiliated to IRGC adding, “The response will be beyond Iranian borders.”

Iranian military officials told news agencies that the plane has received minor damages and now is in hands of the Iranian military.

U.S. officials in Afghanistan told Wall Street Journal that the craft could be the plane that veered off course and crashed last week.  The official said the plane could have suffered from a mechanical failure which caused it to crash in an unknown location.

Fars news agency claimed Monday that a reason behind the new rise in oil prices was the revelation of the American Drone plane crash in Iran. Oil prices have topped $101 today in New York.