Azerbaijan Clashes and Iran’s Unrest

Stop Fundamentalism, 12 September 2011 – Despite Iranian government’s military and security preparations to prevent further protests from taking place in the Azerbaijan province of Iran, last Saturday many cities in this northern province including Tabriz, Orumieh, Khoy, Salmas witnessed massive street demonstrations by Iranian people.

Eyewitnesses report of heavy use of violence by the security forces.  Some eyewitnesses indicate that military fighter planes, flying low on top cities, have been used to intimidate protesters.   The crash of a military plane in Tabriz has been associated to the efforts by government to use its fighter jets to crackdown on Iranian people.

At the same time a football match in Tehran Azadi Stadium turns to be another excuse for Iranian youth to show dissent.

Sporadic breakout of protests in Iran show how the opposition to the regime of Ayatollahs still exists despite 2009-2010 clampdowns.