Demonstration of People of Sardasht (in Western Iran) in Support of Porters

Following the firing at a group of Porters on June 25, and July 28 and 29, in Baneh and around the village of Dule’ei of Sardasht, as a result of which two Porters called Mine Abduli and Karim Mohammad Aminzadeh, were killed in point blank shooting  by security agents, and several others were injured, on Tuesday, August 15,  a group of Sardasht residents hold a demonstration in support of the Porters and condemned the savage killings by the Revolutionary Guards and the regime’s security forces while carrying signs reading “No to the killing of Porters”.

This is while according to Ali Haji Daligani, a member of the regime’s parliament, the lead of 25 billion tomans smuggling deals that are worth three times the country’s development budget, is in the hands of Khamenei and the Revolutionary Guards, and other intelligence agencies of the Iranian regime.

The Iranian Resistance in a press conference in London on March 8, 2016, disclosed information on 90 ports that are about 45 percent of the country’s total ports used for large-scale smuggling by the Revolutionary Guards.