Earthquake in Iran, This Time in Shiraz

Stop Fundamentalism – An Earthquake measuring 3.8 on the Richter scale shook the Iranian central city of Shiraz Thursday morning at 4:13 AM local time according to Tehran University Geophysics Institute, reported Iranian news media.

Witnesses describe the shaker to be a “relatively short one.”

The earthquake took place in an area 16 kilometers north of Shiraz city which is located in the Iranian Fars Province. 

Earlier this month, northern Iranian province of Azerbaijan was the scene of a deadly earthquake that devastated a large populated region.  Iranian state-run media report at least 300 deaths as the result of Azerbaijan earthquake.  After shakes still occur periodically following the original shaker worrying local residents.

Other earthquakes have also been reported from Tehran and also the eastern province of Kerman during recent days.

No reports of damages in today’s earthquake have been published by the Iranian authorities yet.

Meanwhile Iranian security forces arrested 40 people who were trying to provide aid to the earthquake victims in Azerbaijan.  The forces attacked a camp setup by volunteers who were independently helping the victims.  According to government sources, the Iranian regime has banned independent aid from reaching earthquake stricken areas. 

Other sources say that regime security forces have confiscated some of the items collected for delivery to the victims.  Iranian regime sources insist that any aid should be forwarded to government authorities.

International observers describe Iranian regime’s response to the Azerbaijani earthquake to be late and insufficient.