Fresh Talks Between Iran and UN Nuclear Watchdog to Start Friday

Stop Fundamentalism – UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA, said today that it will meet Iranian officials Friday in Vienna after two months, to further discuss this country’s suspicious nuclear program.

The talks stalled after Iran refused to allow the agency to have access to a nuclear test site situated inside a military zone, known as “Parchin.”  The agency still intends to persuade Iran to allow its observers to visit the site to clarify concerning reports that a nuclear warhead has been tested at this location.

The agency will release its quarterly report on Iran next week following the talks on Friday. 

Media observers are not optimistic to see a major development to the deadlock.  That is considering the fact that Iran has had extensive amount of time to clean up the site in question.  Some satellite photos of the site show major changes in progress on the ground.

Western countries allege Iran of trying to build a nuclear bomb while pretending that its uranium enrichment activities are directed toward a peaceful energy producing objective.

Iran has substantial reservoirs of oil and gas, making it to be the last country in the world to need nuclear energy to produce electricity.  In fact, such production would be too expensive to be worth the effort for Iran.