Germany Stops Iran-Bound Confession-Taking Substance: Thiopental

Stop Fundamentalism – German customs prevented transfer of 2.5 kilogram of a chemical substance called “Thiopental” to Iran Monday, reports  Deutsche Welle website.  The chemical that was being shipped as medication can be used as a confession taking tool on prisoners. 

The substance was packaged in 5000 medical bottles before transferring for shipment.  Germany has a torture prevention law and prohibits sale of Thiopental to foreign countries without special governmental permissions.  The shipment did not have the necessary permissions.

Thiopental can be used on prisoners who are not willingly providing information.  The drug does not force the inmate to tell the truth, but makes him/her more susceptible to suggestions of interrogators.  Intelligence and information services in various countries are one of the users of the substance. 

Usage of Thiopental in Germany and Austria is forbidden.

Thiopental is also used on prisoners who are condemned to death by injection to prepare them for the final injection.

Iranian authorities are known for their usage of chemicals to take confessions from political prisoners.  After the 2009 uprising following the disputed presidential elections, protesters who were arrested and their families, publicly complained about the usage of various substances for taking confessions.