Iran Admits MEK’s Resistance Units Putting up Posters of Massoud Rajavi

The [MEK] install banners of Massoud and Maryam Rajavi over the Hakim Expressway
The MEK install banners of Massoud and Maryam Rajavi
The [MEK] install banners of Massoud and Maryam Rajavi over the Hakim Expressway

Atousa Pilger

The Iranian Regime’s state media has acknowledged that banners supporting the leader of the Iranian Resistance Massoud Rajavi and the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran Maryam Rajavi have been popping up in various Iranian cities.

The state-run Khabar Fori website published a photograph of the banners on Friday with the title “The [MEK] install banners of Massoud and Maryam Rajavi over the Hakim Expressway”.

The MEK install banners of Massoud Rajavi and Maryam Rajavi over the Hakim Expressway – Iran’s state-run Khabar Fori website, October 4, 2019

The Resistance Units, made up of supporters of the main Iranian opposition group People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), have increased their brave anti-regime activities in recent weeks, including installing the banners and advocating for regime change by the Iranian people.

In the period September 29-October 2, the defiant young people in Iran set fire to symbols of the mullahs’ regime and posters of Regime founder Ruhollah Khomeini and Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in different cities in Iran including Tehran, Ahvaz, Orumiyeh, Neyshabur, Amol, Sabzevar, Kuhdasht, Bandar-Abbas, Khoy, and Mahshahr.

This has been a major campaign across Iran to show the Iranian people’s loathing for the regime and desire for regime change.

They plastered posters of the Iranian Resistance’s leadership in public places, bearing the slogans: “We must and we should rid ourselves of oppression and injustice”, “We must and we should overthrow the mullahs’ regime”, “Death to Khamenei”, ”Long live freedom and Democracy and Freedom with Maryam Rajavi” and “Long live Rajavi, down with Khamenei”. This occurred in the cities of Tehran, Tabriz, Shahr-e-Rey, Mashhad, Shiraz, Kermanshah, Orumiyeh, Ilam, Zahedan, Khoy, Ramsar, Omidiyeh, Chaboksar.

The young people also torched a number of bases of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and their elite paramilitary arm, the Bassij in different cities across Iran between September 22 and 27. These acts occurred on the anniversary of the September 27, 1981, uprising in Tehran.

On that day, the young people and other supporters of the MEK held demonstrations where they chanted “Death to Khomeini” for the first time in central Tehran since the mullahs took over in 1979, when they stole the Iranian Revolution from the people, who had risen up against the Shah in order to bring freedom and democracy to Iran.

The IRGC opened fire on the crowd, killing hundreds, before starting to arrest many more. The detainees were then executed later that day or the following day, which left no time for a fair trial at all. The MEK has published the names of 1142 fallen martyrs from that uprising alone.