Iran Central Bank Director – Dollar Value to Go Down


Stop Fundamentalism – Mahmoud Bahmani, Iranian director of the Central Bank said Wednesday that people will notice a fall on Dollar prices during the next few days, reported Iran’s state-run news agency IRNA.

“What is observed as ups and downs in the market for US Dollar is due to problems in the international economy,” said Bahmani adding, “Internally, we are planning to stabilize the currency.”

 “We don’t determine the value of Dollar but we try to stabilize the price working with supply and demand in the market,” said Bahmani.

He complained about reports about national economy’s situation and said, “International Banks and foreign countries analyze and decide on us by reports coming from our media and if they receive untrue information, it may create some problem for us.”

“Fortunately the average price of our oil is over the price predicted in the budget,” said Bahmani.

About the price of gold coins Bahmani said, “When the international market price is falling,” he said, “We would lower prices as well.”  He stressed, “We monitor International market and adjust internal market accordingly.”