Iran – Clashes break out as Iranians take to streets to win freedom

Stop Fundamentalism, July 9 – On the tenth anniversary of the July 9 student uprising, the streets in Tehran and other cities of Iran are the scene of yet another uprising to win freedom.

Clashes have been reported in Tehran and other cities.

According to eye witness reports, thousands of Iranians are taking to streets in scattered groups of hundred or more and are approaching the Revolution Square.  The Revolutionary Guards have attacked the crowed attempting to stop the demonstration.

The demonstrating crowed is chanting: “Death to dictator.”

It seems everyone in streets are going to Revolution Square.

There are reports of clashes between the security forces and the people in other cities as well.  In Shiraz there are numerous reports of street fights in progress right now.

In Isfahan, people are standing on the sidewalks and plain-clothes agents are present in large numbers and have blocked the streets.